Saturday, January 11, 2014

11. I Love ... Old, Old Photos

I don't even have to know
who they were.

I have been known
to adopt people;
to give them a name
and add them 
to our family.

We have gained
poor Clara.

We take
 thousands upon thousands
of photos now.

I suspect that the
family photo 
from the turn of the century
will always garner 
more interest,
more examination,
more stewardship
from people
who don't have a clue
who they are,
than the multitude of photos
that we produce now.

A shoebox
would contain most people's lives
back then;
it's an external hard drive
or cloud back up
for a year or two of

Old, old photos:
even without
archival ink
they survive
even if their stories

1 comment:

  1. Funny about not even knowing who they were. I once bought a lovely old portrait in a bubble-glassed oval frame of a young girl making her first communion, her rosary hand-painted onto the picture. When asked by someone who it was, I replied "Grandma"...someone's Grandma. And it's still her name today.