Wednesday, January 1, 2014

To Know That Love Is All There Is ...

It’s no secret that I am a Journal Junkie. 
I fall in love with the style and the feel,
scoop it up 
and THEN figure out what I will do with it.

Two years ago I came across a sweet little gold embossed leather-look one 
with the ever-so-cool magnet clip that tickles me. 
I certainly didn’t need yet another daily calendar for 2012 
but I bought it anyway and waited for inspiration. 
It came quickly.

At the top of each page I wrote: 
“I Love” …
 and then proceeded to fill each one 
with the many, many, many things I love.

It kept me in an aura of gratitude.
 It proved to me that the
 joy and celebration 
of my world 
is in the small, everyday things.

I decided that this year
 I would transfer my journal over to this form for a couple reasons.
 It’s a good exercise for me to commit 
to writing and working with photos every day – 
it gives me something to show for my year.  
And in the end I will just have to click a button 
and will be able to publish it in a more legible book form that my little journal.
 I love that!

We have Big Love for our family and friends of course … 
but there are a million other
 random little things that 
light our lives and stir our hearts.

 It is my hope that this might move someone else
 to think about that 
which delights and inspires 
them on a daily basis.

I already have chosen the words to go on my headstone at the end of my days:

To know that Love
Is all there is
Is all there is
To know.

This is what I have Loved.


  1. Love this, Ev...I've missed your daily posts and, not to rush away this brand new year, look forward to each and every daily inspiration.

  2. Thank Jennifer - that's a sweet thing to say. It's good for me to get back in the saddle ... I get a little distracted at times ... ya think?