Monday, March 17, 2014

75. I Love ... Ireland

I'm Irish Heritage
all the way.
Maternal, Paternal ...
all four sides.

When I learned that
is much like
I had to go.

And now,
I yearn to go back.

The beauty,
the history,
the people ...

It was like my heart and soul
caught up to somewhere
I really needed to be.

As I landed that day
I thought about the fact that I was the first
in my family line ...
great grandparents, parents, siblings
that stepped foot
back upon Homeland Soil.
The first to return
after generations.

Why so long?

I thought of my ancestors
leaving their home;
waiting at the wharf
for the ship to come to take them to the 

And those left behind,
never seeing their loved ones again.

There are people there
with my blood,
my ancestral heritage,
but I don't know them,
they don't know me.

We have Family in common.
And Ireland.

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