Sunday, March 23, 2014

81. I Love ... when my grandbabes come running to me.

That is such a
true joy
that I wish I could capture it and 
bring it out at will.

It's such a short, short time
in their lives -
just between getting their running legs
and when they become too mature
to run with unbridled enthusiasm.
Minutes it seems.

That's what they are.
If they had a tail, it would be wagging.

"Hi Nana! Hi Nana!! HI NANA!!!"

Legs running, arms outstretched ...
such a tiny moment in time.
Such a blessed moment in time.

Last summer,
such a moment is frozen in my memory
and in my heart forever.
I so wish I had a video,
I'd play it over & over & over.

My 'Salt & Pepper' team -
running together,
trying to outdo each other;
both yelling it at the top of their lungs...
'Hi Nana! Hi Nana!!! HI NANA!!!'
Then the youngest,
not even three yet,
has the creativity to up the ante with
'Here I am, Nana! HERE I AM!!!'

That tickled me so much.
Her confident knowledge
with the truth ...
it is a bigger joy for 
ME to see THEM
them to see me.

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