Saturday, March 29, 2014

87. I Love ... camping

I used to not.

Love it, that is - or even Like it.

I loved it as a teenager.

We bought a tent for our
honeymoon to British Columbia,
wanting the adventure
and to save money.

We used it twice.

I think it was then
that I decided that a
pre-made bed -
up off the ground,
was preferable to the
primitive alternative.

The appeal of camping
dissipated with age.

'The Harbour Castle'
would be my answer if
someone asked where I liked to camp.

I bought a tent trailer
when the kids were young,
determined to give them the experience
of camping.
Although I had to do it alone,
as Brian liked it even less than I did.

I was up off the ground,
that was a bonus.

When they grew up and left,
I never camped again.

Until now.
I have come once again to
love it.

I still do prefer to be 
up off the ground.

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