Monday, March 31, 2014

89. I Love ... the Hand Sewn.

I have things
that have been stitched 
by the hands of 
my mother,
my grandmother,
my children's great-great-great grandmother
and my adopted Nan from Newfoundland.

I hold them.
I touch them.

I wonder what they were thinking about
as they sat and worked away.
I wonder where they were sitting.
I wonder whether they enjoyed doing it
as much as I do.
Whether it was a respite from the 
hard work of the day
or something to fill vacant hours.

I cherish
that every single stitch
exists because of 
their hands.

I envision them,
sitting quietly,
infusing that creation
with their hours,
their energy,
their spirit
and their enduring love.

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  1. love every word of every blog post, lovely to catch up late at night on my way to bed