Sunday, April 13, 2014

102. I Love ... our little hollow.

Back when I spent a lot of time
in the Outside World,
which I actually don't anymore;
I used to have a
physically 'lightened' feeling
when I approached
our little hollow;
our little dip in the road.

It was as if every single thing
slowed down;
as if I was entering 
a zone.
As if I was a bird
flying into a nest.

It's as if the trees
that run the length of our property,
are a sentry
to the chaos and uncertainty 
of the world.

we create our own chaos
within this perimeter.
As in Life 
it is not always sunshine and roses,
but there is still a safety and comfort.
A spot to breathe.
A spot to hide
if need be.

When I am away,
whether it is for a few days or weeks
or even a few hours,
there is a 
when I enter
Home Zone.

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