Monday, April 14, 2014

103. I Love .... memorable meals.

They don't have to be fancy.
At all.

It can be the simplest thing,
but it can be etched
into my senses.

The smell, the taste, the sound,
the ambiance, the people.

I often remember a trip
or a time
by 'where we ate'.
It goes like ...
'THAT was the time we ate at ....
or 'had the ....'

I was amazed to learn that both Brian and I
have the same 
'Most Memorable Meal'.
We have eaten a LOT of meals
in the 43 years we've been together.
A lot of great meals.

It was in 1975
on a table set up in a lady's livingroom
in a tiny apartment that overlooked
the square in a tiny village in Jamacia.
I can't even remember the name of it,
but I can see it,
and I can smell it and taste it.

It was not a restaurant, it was her home.
We had to order our meal the day before
and she went to the market and bought the stuff
and cooked it up in her tiny kitchen.
The table was the size of a card table.
Her two little children,
about six and eight,
served the food.
I had flying fish
and never have I tasted or appreciated
anything better.

A memorable meal
does not have to be in a fancy restaurant,
with a fancy chef.
It just has to be

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