Tuesday, April 15, 2014

104. I Love ... Rocks

I didn't used to.
That sounds funny.
But I didn't.

I didn't give them any thought,
one way or another.

Then Newfoundland came into our lives.
The Rock.
It is.

And it's absolutely fascinating -
the formations,
the different colours,
the artfulness.

The first rock I fell for in Newfoundland
was on the site of 'Random Passage'
in New Bonaventure.

It was a long walk in,
too long for Brian so he waited patiently
at the car for me.
Along the way I spied a cool rock.
I didn't want to lug it around all that time
so I set it aside
with the intention of picking it up on the way back;
sure that I would remember
where I put it.
I wasn't leaving without it 
and spent far too long locating it again,
but I did.

And now,
every time I go to Callahan Cove
I return with a rock.
A little boy out there once questioned me
with great concern
'WHY do you have ROCKS in your kitchen?'

Because I Love Rocks I told him.
He said I was weird.

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