Tuesday, April 1, 2014

90. I Love ... jackets.

I am a jacket person.
Always have been.

I have no idea
whether they are in or out
of style.
They are MY style.

I just don't feel 
unless I slip on a jacket.

It's hard for me to get rid of them
even if they are 
shouting out the date
that they came to live with me.

Styles change and I will buy new ones,
but I have a tough time 
letting go
of the other guys.

I still have my pink, blocky jacket that
I bought at Macy's in New York City in
Seriously, I do.

A dozen times I have put it in the
discard bag,
and for some strange and unknown reason
I pull it out again.

I have no delusions that it will ever come back
into style.
And it's too tired and faded anyway,
but I can't let it go.

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