Thursday, April 3, 2014

92. I Love ... dragonflies.

You wouldn't think I would.
You wouldn't think anyone would,

They're ugly.
And they're kind of scarey.

in Newfoundland they call them
Horse Stingers.
They really are afraid of them.

They look menacing
but they really aren't.

They don't swarm at you
like irritating bugs.
They are difficult to catch,

Close up,
they are so complex
that the ugliness is not,
it is actually fascinating.

One of my most memorable mornings
was breakfast at the lighthouse
on Ship Island.
Dozens and dozens of dragonflies -
more than I had ever seen in my life ...
doing what?
They don't flit like a butterfly,
they don't buzz like a bee,
they don't zoom or zip.
Flying sounds too common, too straight
 for what they actually do.
that's the word I suppose,
even though it's not a word.

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