Thursday, January 2, 2014

2. I Love ... writing

I suppose that's why I have such a vast - oh yes,
collection of journals.
That definitely will be another 'LOVE' entry.
The pure quantity of them justifies its own space.

I need to stick to the topic with this LOVE book;
with this little exercise designed to help me
keep it brief, within the space ... concise.
AS IF my thoughts are ever

This is to be an exercise to write;
to arrive at the page
and Begin.

I Love to write.
For me it is a quiet time with Me.
 Me and my thoughts.
Pen to paper.
Minimize distraction. 
Harness the chatter in the skull.
I find it

 Sorting out all those words
and thoughts
and events
that I carry in my poor old tired head
brings me pleasure.

I love to write.
I always have.

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