Friday, January 31, 2014

31. I Love ... Sheep Grazing

The real thing,
but also pictures.

I recall a grazing sheep picture
in the hallway
on the way upstairs
in the house where I lived
when I was four years old.
It's the only picture
I remember.

It seemed back then
that most homes
had a grazing sheep picture.
Or some sheep picture.
The Good Shepherd thing I suppose.


That's what it is.

Whether it's a picture or real.
Even real ones are
almost stationary.

There's a place not far from us
that has a sign
'Do Not Honk At the Sheep'.

Who honks at sheep?
Who even THINKS about honking at sheep?
Enough people that it warrants a sign apparently.
I have to confess.
The sign makes me WANT to
honk at the sheep.

Running sheep
are not calming.
Or all that common.
A sheep stampede ... rare.

That's what sheep love.
And I love

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