Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1. I Love ...that the dates don't match

I love that I can let go of the expectation to use this book
'as intended'.
That I can be a rebel
and chart my own course.

That sounds like a stretch to go there
from just daring to write 'differently' in this book.

It's not really.
It's been an evolution for me.
It has taken a lifetime to feel the freedom to
not 'fill in the blanks' as expected.

I could so easily have been one of the people
who do that
Always do what is right and proper.
And expected.

I lacked confidence and self-esteem.
I was an introvert to the enth degree;
 as a child, as a young adult too.

I almost said
'I wonder when I changed.
I wonder how I changed;
how I grew?'

But actually, I know.
It's because
I Love.

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