Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21. I Love ... Red

Red. Reds.

Red everything.
Which is really something
because for the longest time
I hated
that I had 
red hair.

It was an embarassment.
It was a curse.
It was a taunt.
'Hey Red'
was used as an insult.

I was told to 
never, EVER
wear red.
It clashed.

I listened for 
way too long.
And then I 

I wore red.

I decorated with red.

The more I used,
the more I grew
my hair.

now is magnetic
to my soul.

I like a splash of

I Love ...
Red doors.
Red paint.
Red flowers.
Red journals.
Red jackets.
Red rooms.
Red wagons.
Red barns.

Red hair.

I am well Red.

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