Tuesday, March 25, 2014

83. I Love ... turning Nothing into Something

I was born doing that.

Perhaps because 
art stores and craft departments
weren't accessible everywhere.
Nor was money
it seemed.

A new pack of crayons
in your Christmas stocking
was exciting.
I don't believe I ever even owned
thin pointed coloured markers,
just that huge, smelly 
Black Magic Marker.

That bottle with the red rubber tip
that was only nice when it was new;
crusted and dried out so quickly.

I couldn't use the 'good' 
Scotch Tape
because it was "too expensive".

But what I could and did use was 
my imagination.

A twig stuck into a little green apple became
a person;
a toothpaste lid became a chair;
everything I could get my hands on became

I think that's why I have always
'seen' things
in the discarded.
'Necessity is the Mother of Invention';
I became an 

I derive far more pleasure,
more gratification in
re-purposing, re-birthing
than I do from starting from scratch.

There is a greater challenge in that
than simply going and buying
fresh and new supplies.

And more satisfaction for me in
breathing new life
into Something,
sending it on a new journey,
giving it a new story.

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