Tuesday, February 11, 2014

43. I Love .... listening to anything my grandbabes have to say.

I hate to admit it
I listen differently to my
grandchildren than I did my own children.

Even though,
I knew full well 
that their childhood would be
that they would change 
in a blink of an eye
I hung on as tightly
as I could;
I know that I did not
closely enough
to my children.

There seemed to be
so little time
in the chaos
of getting through the day.

My grandbabes now,
one on one,
when we walk
or just sit and talk -
I listen
so closely
with all of my attention,
with all of my heart.

I listen to their sweet little voices,
their big thoughts
and I marvel
at how 
how deep,
how interesting,
how miraculous
it all is.

And how fast
their childhoods will
through my fingers.

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