Wednesday, February 26, 2014

58. l Love ... watching my husband work when he loves what he's doing.

I love the way he attacks a mission
with such focus.
Such intensity.

I love to see that
drive and passion.

I love it when he has something
that excites him,
that he is please to tackle.

He walks with such purpose.
A lively step.
A young step.

He doesn't waver from the task 
at hand.

He'll get up at the break of day.
He'll work long into the night.

He will ignore 
any and all distractions.
Including eating.

He will accomplish a great deal.
Perhaps something that is only important
to him,
but he feels good about it.

I love to see him 
of what he has done.

I love that look on his face
that makes him seem
like a
little boy.

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