Monday, February 24, 2014

56. I Love ... a fragrance in Newfoundland that I cannot describe or identify.

The first time I smelled it
I stopped dead in my tracks.

The first thing that came to me is
'this is what Heaven smells like'.

It was totally heavenly;
beyond description.

I couldn't find a way to describe it.

It came in wafts.
It was not constant.
The breeze was blowing it fro somewhere.

I sniffed at all the plants
like an old hound.

It was so fleeting.
I was desperate to get it back
so I'd know that it wasn't
a fragment of my imagination.

I asked 80 year old Harvey,
whose land I had been walking on.
'What is that smell up there?'
'Can't say.'
he replied.

'Can't say.'
because he doesn't know
or it's too big of a

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