Tuesday, February 4, 2014

36. I Love ... My Donkeys

Oh my -
I do SO love my donkeys.

They were like potato chips,
there was no way
I could have just one.

June 1981 -
I still have the letter.

Donkey memories -
Donkey Otie having a beer on the patio,
my mother-in-law being shocked
to see me bringing him out the front door
of our brand new house as she drove by.

My very first baby - Annie -
almost hyperventilating as I dragged my
Dad down to the barn to see her.

Nugget - 
my dearly missed Nugget;
and Ransom  - my sweet Handsome Ransom -
big old head, 
heavy head
plunked down on my shoulder
while I rub those gigantic ears
and look into those
deep and soulful eyes.

All my babies - 
such joy - such entertainment.
Watching them kick
and run full out in circles -
or hop with all four feet together
like a prancing goat -
springing with their noses up in the air.

I cannot imagine
this farm,
this life
without my beloved
long earred friends.

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