Monday, February 17, 2014

49. I Love ... Writing Letters

I still do it.

In spite of
the convenience and ease of email -

I love to write
Real Letters.
By hand.

Paper and pen.

Not just zipping off
a quick note 
and pressing

I sit quietly, 
that I am talking
directly to that person.

But it's getting difficult
to find people
to write to.

I am in such constant contact
with all my friends,
through email and Facebook,
there is nothing left to say.
The three people I write to
are all in their late nineties.

Perhaps that's why
I have my journal -
'Letters to Dead People'.
I write to people that I can't
reach by email.
Even people I have 
never met
but have something to say to them.

Letters that never get sent.

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