Thursday, February 13, 2014

45. I Love ... the back porch steps

I expect that of all the places
that I have spent time -
whiled away the hours
or 'produced';
the place that has seen the
most activity
is our back porch steps.

Sometimes I just sit here
and look -
survey -
the donkeys,
the brook,
the shop,
the barn,
the birds.

It's where I watch the day slip away.

I have used it more than I have used my studio.
Stuff spread out all around me
in the busiest, highest traffic area.


People having to step gingerally over and through and around
my mess.
Carving, painting, sculpting.

It works for me.
I can watch the sun.
And my donkeys.

It's kinda strange
that I sit there
when I have so many

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