Tuesday, February 18, 2014

50. I Love ... Getting Letters

Getting a letter;
what a rare occasion that is
and getting rarer.

I have boxes of letters 
from the past.
Way back to when I was
twelve years old 
and I started every single letter with
"How are you. I am fine."

I treasure my letters,
thinking of the writer's hand on the paper,
their thoughts on me.

I have a letter from my grandmother.
I recognized her writing immediately
when I came across the 45 year old envelope.
I hadn't remembered it and was excited
to see what she had written to me;
a little piece of our relationship, preserved.
The entire letter -
a single line:
"Where is your mother? I can't get a hold of her."
Even that tells you something.

The day after we got engaged
Brian went away for the week.
I had been so excited to get a letter from him;
touched that he had been thinking of me,
pleased that he took the time,
delighted to have something
eloquent and romantic
as a keepsake.
Here it is, forty years later
 and I can recite the entire letter,
word for word:
"Having fun at the beach."

Some letters are so memorable
and touch your heart

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