Sunday, April 6, 2014

95. I Love ... the Sunday newspaper

I have a Sunday ritual that 
I love.

A friend of Brian's comes to pick him up
every Sunday morning.
It's their thing.
They do it Saturday too -
thier boyish 'missions'.

Sunday though,
he brings me the 
"Sunday Star".

I make a second cup of coffee
and I go through every page of that paper;
except for the Sports.

The Saturday Star is immense,
80% of it stuff that I have no interest in -
houses, cars, jobs, GTA, 
advertising for businesses in the big city,
the biggest honkin' paper
that can start the woodstove for a week.

Sunday though,
it's a more manageable.
Good reading.
Entertainment, book reveiws, world news,
well written articles,
the insert of the New York Times.

It's a major treat for me,
to take the time
with my coffee and paper.
Totally, totally
than screen time.

It's my Sunday thing to do.

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