Wednesday, April 9, 2014

98. I Love ... an organized Studio

Oh man,
I make a mess when I'm creating.
I pull out everything.
Paints, tools, glue, fabric, wire, wood
needles, pencils, embellishments.
Everything I make takes a LOT of
and I get it ALL out at once.

My studio looks like,
as my Mother used to say -
'a cyclone hit it'.

Before I get into a new project,
I take a few hours and re-group.
I put everything back where it belongs.
And as I do, I say -
sometimes even out loud -
'a place for everything';
I don't need to say the rest ...
'and everything in its place'.

I am actually well organized
when I take the time to be.

As I put it all back
in its place;
I always, always
something unexpected,
something very cool,
something I had forgotten
all about.

most often becomes
 the catalyst,
the seed
that starts the next

Being able
to see what you have
can do that.

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