Monday, April 7, 2014

96. I Love ... that I was born a Woman.

I've seen and heard and read
about so many places in the world
that being a woman
would be a difficult burden;
where girls are not valued
or cherished
or protected.
Where they have no rights,
no freedom,
no opportunity.

I am so blessed to be a

I am able,
to live the life that I choose.

There is still fussing about 
gender discrimination
and glass ceilings for women.
That is not in my world.

In my world
I am just a regular person
with the bonus
that I was able to
carry a child,
to give birth,
to have the latitude in society
to go out and work
or stay home.

Any obstacles to that,
in my world,
have been totally self imposed.

It is a wonderful thing to be a woman
in my world;
to come and go;
to plan and dream;
to create.

To create the world that I want.

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